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Sticky Notes

TIred of boring messages spread across your board?

Then liven it up by downloading Sticky Notes

Not only can you pick and choose what user groups to show them to, you can even allow your members to send personal sticky notes to other members

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    yes, i had checked the star....all are ok, thanks
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    I will check it, it is OK on this site and my dev site. Did you make it the default app in the acp application list? if it has a star on it, it means it is the default app, Forums should be the default
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    There is already reactions you will see them when you edit a reaction, The blogs and that will be coming in the future ( I need to buy the app )
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    You need to click the little padlock button on the ACP table, then that will protect them from being overridden when syncing
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    Sticky Notes 2.2.1 has been released New Features Admin's now have the ability to show unlimited Global Sticky Notes Brand new menu for the Global Sticky Notes in the ACP listing all notes with a drag and drop feature to put in order of what you want to show on top of the other ( If you have 2 or more notes in the same place that is ) Add a title to the sticky notes ( This is basically only for the admins eyes, it shows on the Sticky Notes table so you can identify them easy Easily enable or disable the Sticky Notes in the new Global Notes ACP menu Changed the Global Notes menu the admin can use on the front end ( You can only create notes here now, you will need to go to the ACP to delete or disable them ) You can now pick to show each Sticky Note everywhere or when only on the pages of certain apps you have installed & enabled ( Example, show them on the forums only ) You can now drag & drop the Sticky Notes on screen by hovering over the note and holding left click and then dragging it, or if you are using a touch device just drag it with your finger ( This option can be disabled in the ACP ) All personal sticky notes will now display on top of each other and will also dismiss without reloading the page