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Sticky Notes

TIred of boring messages spread across your board?

Then liven it up by downloading Sticky Notes

Not only can you pick and choose what user groups to show them to, you can even allow your members to send personal sticky notes to other members

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  1. New Features Members can now create their own chatrooms Member chatrooms will appear in a tab on their profiles Select what user groups can create their own chatrooms Owners of the chatrooms have full permission over the ban list for their chatrooms Added the ability to toggle the online user list to be shown or hidden You can now edit the chatrooms via the front end Added some buttons to the chatrooms section title Added a button on the chatrooms to allow users to toggle the sound on or off Moved the rules to a button what will pop up showing the rules Moderator buttons Moved the ban list to here Edit Chatroom ( Moderators with permission can edit the chatroom from the front end ) Added a button allowing moderators to delete all messages in the chatrooms Members can now send private messages via the widgets ( if they have permission to whisper that is ) You can now toggle the widget to show or hide New ACP settings for member created chatrooms Choose what groups can create chatrooms Choose what groups can whisper in chatrooms Choose what groups can manage their chatrooms ( Manage = the ability to delete messages from the chatroom ) Select the amount of messages to show in the message list
  2. New Features Bots Standard Message Create a message via the editor and the bot will post the messages each cycle Random Messages / Quotes Create messages / quotes from a stack setting allowing you add as many as you want and the bot will post random ones each cycle Standard & Random Message Cycle Settings Run cycle every 5 minutes Run cycle every 15 minutes Run cycle every 30 minutes Run cycle every 60 mintutes Run cycle every 3 hours Run cycle every 6 hours Run cycle every 12 hours Run cycle every day Members Shop Create a message when a user purchases a item Lottery Create a message when a new game is created Create a message when a game has been drawn Create a message when a member claims a winning ticket Sports Betting App Create a message when a member places a bet Create a message when a member claims a winning ticket Media Uploader Create a message when a member uploads a image Create a message when a member uploads a video file Create a message when a member uploads a audio file Create a message when a member uploads a document
  3. New Features Added a 3rd party application integration extension
  4. New Features Added a 3rd party integration extension
  5. New Features Added a 3rd party application integration Bug Fix Fixed the bug where it would sometimes bypass the approval of a upload
  6. New Features Re-wrote the download files points system for storing the points Added images to items You can upload multiple images to items Images will only show on the shop front, not on any saved items in the users myitems page Added another extension for 3rd party application integrations
  7. Yeah the random bots and normal message bots are all done and tested, I will release it once I finished adding the bots for my other apps
  8. I don't actually use any of the social stuff, I messaged someone to ask why it might happen and am waiting for a reply, I'll let you know
  9. Did you link the instagram account to another account in the past?
  10. it is because of the size of your screen you are using from the look of it in the image you sent, zoom out a little bit and it will be OK this is a bug on the IPS settings because of the way it drops down, it don't actually make the page bigger
  11. That would just be PM lol I can look into that
  12. Yeah the widgets got added in 1.0.4, If you have any ideas for any more updates let me know I think most given have been implemented already so need some fresh ones 😀
  13. Can you explain that a bit more? Do you mean the widget? if so I did not put a online users list with that as they could be placed anywhere on your site, if you have it on the index page and a user is browsing it will show them as online when they might not be chatting / paying attention to it / not there to chat, but a online list will say otherwise
  14. Thanks & yeah that will be coming, maybe in 1.0.6 I am waiting for a few more ideas first, but might make 1.0.6 as a bot update, I have a lot of other apps what I am going to intregrate into the bots, like the members shop app, lottery, betting shop & media uploader etc so there is enough there to make a new version with, I don't really like new versions with 1 or 2 new features unless they are really good ones lol. Also feel free to leave a nice review on the file over on IPS if you are in a good mood 😀
  15. New Features Attachments Allow you members to upload attachments directly to the editor auto embedding videos and images New permission to the chatroom matrix for what member groups can download attachments
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