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TIred of boring messages spread across your board?

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Not only can you pick and choose what user groups to show them to, you can even allow your members to send personal sticky notes to other members

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  2. New Features Bots Standard Message Create a message via the editor and the bot will post the messages each cycle Random Messages / Quotes Create messages / quotes from a stack setting allowing you add as many as you want and the bot will post random ones each cycle Standard & Random Message Cycle Settings Run cycle every 5 minutes Run cycle every 15 minutes Run cycle every 30 minutes Run cycle every 60 mintutes Run cycle every 3 hours Run cycle every 6 hours Run cycle every 12 hours Run cycle every day Members Shop Create a message when a user purchases a item Lottery Create a message when a new game is created Create a message when a game has been drawn Create a message when a member claims a winning ticket Sports Betting App Create a message when a member places a bet Create a message when a member claims a winning ticket Media Uploader Create a message when a member uploads a image Create a message when a member uploads a video file Create a message when a member uploads a audio file Create a message when a member uploads a document
  3. New Features Added a 3rd party application integration extension
  4. New Features Added a 3rd party integration extension
  5. New Features Added a 3rd party application integration Bug Fix Fixed the bug where it would sometimes bypass the approval of a upload
  6. New Features Re-wrote the download files points system for storing the points Added images to items You can upload multiple images to items Images will only show on the shop front, not on any saved items in the users myitems page Added another extension for 3rd party application integrations
  7. Yeah the random bots and normal message bots are all done and tested, I will release it once I finished adding the bots for my other apps
  8. Have you finished testing this aspect of the chat room?
  9. I don't actually use any of the social stuff, I messaged someone to ask why it might happen and am waiting for a reply, I'll let you know
  10. Actually, I did once link the IG account to another email and made an account on the website but deleted it soon after...
  11. No, I haven't linked the IG account to any other account in the past. When I try to synchronize FB with IG, my IG profile picture shows up on the menu bar next to my name. Though, when I press cancel it disappers and I return to the main page.
  12. Did you link the instagram account to another account in the past?
  13. I have installed the Facebook Login app and have Instagram Login Handler app(in Sandbox mode). The problem is that when I login to the website with Facebook and then try to synchronize it with Instagram, I get the following message: Your Instagram account is already associated with another member. How do I get around this error message?
  14. What I mean is -- a PM within the chat room -- but on a separate tab, much like the old Invision chat. Messages through the board is like messages via email, however, PMs within the chat room is like Instant Messenger aka Facebook Instant messenger.
  15. it is because of the size of your screen you are using from the look of it in the image you sent, zoom out a little bit and it will be OK this is a bug on the IPS settings because of the way it drops down, it don't actually make the page bigger
  16. That would just be PM lol I can look into that
  17. I have a little problem with my plugin i need to add a lot of products but the list is really too short, i can't go down. It's limited to 5 products from my side any solution ?
  18. Earlier
  19. Invision Community is used by some of the world's biggest game brands, proudly enabling gamers to connect with the creators of their favourite titles. These sites attract millions of visitors between them and thousands of posts are added daily because of their high profile. But what if you're just starting out, how do you convert casual visitors to members, and what's the best way to set up your community? I got talking to new customer Darrell, interestingly named Mr. Fierce God on our community. While you may expect that this portrays a fire and brimstone hothead, you'd be wrong as Darrell is one of the nicest people you'll meet. Darrell runs the Fierce Gaming Network and I was impressed by the way he's set up his site and wanted to share my thoughts on what he's done well. The first thing I noticed is that the forum index is not the home page for the site. For a gaming community that wants to focus on more than just user conversations, this is a good move. Let's break it down. A. The home page has multiple points of entry, and the sidebar menu unobtrusively offers short-cuts to various parts of the community. B. We have a large call to action to either login or register. This box also explains the benefits of registration clearly and enforces that registration is a very quick process. One optimisation that may be worth looking at here is to add the "Sign in with Facebook / Microsoft" buttons on the box to persuade even more to register right away. C. Fierce Gaming Network also makes great use of Clubs to segment their audience to specific software titles. Re-using instantly recognisable artwork as the club cover image will entice fans of those games to visit. Scrolling down a little shows the "Member of the month". As humans, we are drawn to faces instantly, and this humanises the site and "unmasks" some of the popular members, making the site less intimidating. Moving down a little more we see the "Our Picks" section which highlights the best content from the community. Our Picks is a great way to get visitors to engage with your content. Good use of cover images draws attention and makes it clear the kind of content you're going to read. Darrell makes great use of several lnvision Community apps to build the site, and has set it up well. New users get to the site see handpicked content, fellow members and the benefits of joining all in one place. It's a great start and I look forward to seeing Darrell's site succeed. Are you using Invision Community to build custom homepages for your community? Share them in the comments below. View the full article
  20. I noticed something new in the chiller cabinet at the petrol station after filling yesterday. Bottles of Grape Fanta sitting alongside the more mundane and pedestrian drinks such as Coke Zero and Pepsi Max. I grabbed two bottles. After draining one in record time, I googled around to see where I could get more of this delicious nectar, and it discovered that it's a new flavour being launched in the UK. The really interesting thing was that Coca Cola used data stored in the self service machines that offer different flavours (such as those at cinemas) to determine which new flavours to bring to the market. Grape was the second most popular flavour after regular orange, so the company knew they had a market ready for premixed bottles. In a world where we fear what Big Tech does with our data, it's easy to forget that data has a valid use in your business. It's why we make it clear that with Invision Community, you own your data. We just look after it for you. This gives you the freedom to discover new trends within your business and use them to drive sales. View the full article
  21. Perhaps another feature -- is to make the chat able to "Pop-Out" of the forums itself.
  22. Another aspect -- left click a user -- new menu -- then the ability to "Block" User. Also if a bot is in operation -- show the bot in the User list -- then the ability for some to "block" the bot if necessary.
  23. Or when you right-click a name -- you can have a menu -- See Profile -- Send Private Message -- for admins -- Can silence -- Can Ban When you send a message -- it opens a new tab -- so you have multiple tabs -- one for chat rooms -- Pm's etc.
  24. Or the idea that Whisper message open into new tabs -- so that tabs would be private messages -- separate from the chat.
  25. Just a bot that allows you to keep it interesting. I'm thinking of random quotes, jokes, etc ... just to keep chat moving so to speak. If in the future you could "tab" the rooms" -- so that let's say you had 4 rooms -- at the top it would be TABBED -- at the top. Then notifications of how many messages were going on in the other rooms. That would make it interesting.
  26. Yeah the widgets got added in 1.0.4, If you have any ideas for any more updates let me know I think most given have been implemented already so need some fresh ones 😀
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